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Steps to register your vehicle details on RTA m-Wallet, not required to carry license and RC

Telangana State Government Road Transport Authority (RTA) launched a new app named RTA m Wallet mobile app version available for Android and Apple iPhone which helps to the vehicle owners not required to carry their license, vehicle insurance and other related documents with them along. This new RTA m-Wallet app helps to pull the information from the RTA servers to your smartphone with the help of RTA m-Wallet mobile app. Here goes the steps to register your vehicle details on RTA m-Wallet, not required to carry license and RC

This RTA m-Wallet digital wallet to store all the documents issued by the transport department. You just need download this app from Google Play Store and follow the below steps to register yourself and upload the required vehicle documents.

Once you download and install the RTA m-Wallet app from Google Play Store, open the RTA m-Wallet app. It is just 17 mb in size.

It has a demo screen shot video when open the app, just follow that or here you the steps for you.

Step 1:

  • You need input Name, eMail id, Mobile number and click on Register button (in the first screen)

Steps to register your vehicle details on RTA m-Wallet, not required to carry license and RC

Step 2:

  • In the 2nd step, you should have already received an OTP (One Time Password of 6 digit number will be received from AD-TSTDMG) SMS to your given mobile number and enter the OTP, click on submit button.
  • If you don’t receive at the first time, please click on ‘Resend OTP’ button, it will send the OTP number again.

RTA m-Wallet2

Step 3:

You will 2 options there like RC and Driving License

  • Click on RC and provide your Vehicle Registration Number and the last 5 digits of your Vehicle Chassis Number, click on GET button
  • Awesome…., it will pull the details of your vehicle registered information along with insurance details till what time your vehicle insurance is valid.

That is it, it get your vehicle details from the RTA server (make sure your vehicle registered in the Telangana State only)

  • Another one is ‘Driving License’ – just follow the steps

Type your Driving License Number, Date of Birth and select the RTA office location that your license is registered with (this option doesn’t work if your license is registered out of Telangana State)

Steps to register your vehicle details on RTA m-Wallet, not required to carry license and RC

RTA m-Wallet4

RTA m-Wallet3

My Vehicle registered in other state (out of Telangana) and my Driving License is registered with another state RTA office, can I use this Telangana State RTA m-Wallet?

This smartphone app is not useful if your vehicle and your motor license is registered with another state RTA offices. Because you need to fill out your details along with RTA office location. There are few more options to be added to this app in the near future.

Download RTA M Wallet Android App from Google Play Store

Download RTA M Wallet iPhone iOS App from Apple Store

Download RTA M Wallet Windows Phone – yet to available

Steps to register your vehicle details on RTA m-Wallet, not required to carry license and RC


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  1. Though my mobile number is correct it does not recognize. The number belongs to the same state.

  2. I think it’s not working properly, May be it should be improved.

  3. I tried to register but not getting otp May be it should be improved

  4. I got the OTP next day.. but still it worked :P…. Good initiative by TS government need to improve a lot. MY insurance details are not updated.

  5. Latest insurance renewals of my car & MC is not updated in us RTA m-Wallet. Pl advice anybody how to update

    1. Delete the old RC from your RTA m wallet and again enter, it will give you updated insurance details, I have done it.

      1. it’s not working for me

      2. Give me ur contact num ..i have done it . Then also it gives me old details

  6. Its a nice service by ts govt.
    bt i am not understanding where my RC is downloaded…
    And i am not getting my driving license..
    DOB format is DD/MM/YEAR.
    But in typing only numbers are coming..
    not other characters..
    so, please guide me..

  7. How to link the car RC details?
    Is it only for TS registered numbers?
    My car number starts from AP36?

  8. Insurance details not updated

  9. My insurance expired before the launch of mwallet app…I paid insurance after that, it’s not getting updated in the app..

  10. it is not taking my License number. it is bit old like 001XX/1/200XX1

    How do i add my license.

    Can you please confirm that khairatabad come under Central zone.

  11. my date birth is 03.05.1962. I am furnishing Driving license details in RTA m Wallet. but not taken to in RTA m Wallet,showing upto 1970. what can I do


    My vehicle insurance data is not updated

  13. We will be more thankful if the govt launch the app for windows too.hope we can get it asap.

  14. even if ny number and email is correct it shows as in vaild…. what should i do??

  15. i am unable to register my Driving license it is in under AP state..
    please add AP districts also

  16. My Insurance details also not updated,Can someone tell me what to do.
    I am getting only my expired insurance details.

    1. even my insurance data is not updated

  17. I really need to know is there any chance to get the app in windows or shall we loose the hope.

  18. I am unable to see driving licence even I provided all those correct details. But NOT retrieving DL information on this wallet

  19. Praveen Kumar guguloth

    I have my insurance to be updated…how?

  20. My Rc was registered in the RTA-M wallet but i cant configure my licence in that.

    It was not showing any thing.

    I am using Apple mobile in the earlier i have tried this app in my Iphone 5s it was working but when i took Iphone 7 it was not working in that.

    Kindly help me out from this and reply me on me email why it was not configuring on my mobile

  21. Only validity of insurance is displaying but not the company name how to get full information
    AP12 N 6416

  22. Dear sir.
    How to ubdate insurance mwalet.app
    Not showing in app but my insurance 2018 jan 35. But not showing

    Kindly salo..


  23. Dear sir ,How to update my vehicle registrations & Driving licence in my samsung galaxy grand 2 phone

  24. How mobile number change

  25. Sir, how mobile number change

  26. I Updated my insurance But not changed in Rc How do i update my insurance Details in M Wallet App

  27. I am trying to download my vehicle details but it is not getting done. for problems is there any assistance call centre or mail reply system.

  28. My vehicle insurance details are not updated in m walletRTA..what is the procedure… Give me the suggestion. .i have already deleted RC and re added

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